A house made of shipping containers, a post-World War 2 kit home, and an apartment building built on foundations measuring just six by six metres have been announced as the winners of the 2014 Queensland Architecture Awards for the Sunshine Coast region.


The awards night, held at Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort and Spa, Noosa, on Friday, saw the jury award Regional Commendations to half of the 22 properties entered.

Those awarded will progress to the Queensland Architecture Awards.

Winners here, announced in Brisbane on 20 June, will progress to the National Architecture Awards, held on 6 November 2014 in Darwin.

In addition to a Regional Commendation, The Beach Box, a house by OGE Group Architects which is made of ‘once used’ shipping containers, was presented with the Gabriel Poole Award for House of the Year.

Source: Premier Box
Source: Premier Box

“The utilisation of ‘once used’ shipping containers provides a robust and cost effective opportunity to re-engage with the beach culture and mixed use zoning of Buddina,” the jury said.

“The grouping provides separate private zones with pop outs for greater internal widths, linking with decks and courtyards and a simple skillion roof over entry referencing modest beach house vernacular.

“However, its power lies in the way it engages with the street and greater public domain through blurred internal/external and public/private boundaries, street furniture and through its honest and engaging presentation.”

Regional Project of the Year was awarded to the Post World War 2 Development on the Coast and the Moffat Beach Pilot Study, coordinated by Roger Todd Architect.

“It is hoped this unique study and website will alert council, architects, building designers, town planners and the general public to the long term advantages in better conservation of post-World War 2 heritage,” the jury said.

A special Enduring Architecture Prize was awarded to Syrenuse, Mooloolaba, built in 1981 by NoelRobinson Architects.

“Its organic form marked Mooloobah as a contemporary destination at the time and it remains a benchmark for mid-high rise development,’ the jury said.