NSW Premier Implements Fake F6 Scheme, Reveals Secret LNP “Too-Hard Basket”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is calling for NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to step down after she publicly revealed the existence of a secretive “too-hard basket” brimming with unpopular LNP policies designed to distract the public while the party pushes other, slightly less reprehensible legislation through parliament.

The LNP is furious after Berejiklian announced her intention to actually carry out their fake plans to build the F6 highway through the Royal National Park, saying she loved “the challenge of building projects that have been in the too-hard basket for too long”.

“We are very disappointed by Premier Berejiklian’s comments regarding the basket,” Prime Minister Turnbull told The Underground Observer yesterday.

“If Premier Berejiklian really did want to build this highway, the correct LNP procedure would’ve been to first unveil an even more dastardly piece of legislation from the basket – something believable like using asylum seeker chain gangs to lay copper wiring for the NBN, or funding a mine that’ll permanently damage heritage listed reefs – then to slip in the bulldozing national parks thing straight after.”

“The LNP has not become the political powerhouse it is today by simply telling the public the policies we are actually implementing, like some pandering ALP sissies,” Prime Minister Turnbull said.

Despite revelations that the intentionally unpopular scheme was never meant for actual use, Premier Berejiklian stands by her decision to build the mega-highway over the national park and neighbouring residences.

“At the end of the day we can’t let little things like an untouched, pristine environment, or the livelihood of people forcibly removed from their homes get in the way of what every Sydney-sider really wants – the hope to cut ten minutes off of their commute in 12-15 years,” Premier Berejiklian said.


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