About the Author

26-year-old Australian writer seeks fame and fortune through internet publication.

Will settle for knowledge that someone is actually reading.

Likes: ping pong, Tetris, border collies, sarcasm, story telling, asparagus, taking photographs, travel, true crime.

Dislikes: groups and individuals using religious practices for political or financial gain, celery, censorship.

Writes: Unorthodox travel stories, reviews, news articles, advice columns, branded blogs, landing pages and occasional verse.

Email: vivienne-@live.com


  • Love your work! You should be world renowned !!!!

  • Your stories intrigue me – lovely writing style. It took a while to get to your about page though – it might be worth making it easier for people to find out who you are. I floundered around for a while getting confused. Glad I stuck it out though πŸ™‚

    • pieceoutbrusselsprout

      Thank you! It makes me so happy that you read my writing! ^__^

      I’ll make my about a category in the main menu. Do you think that will help?

      • Yes, sounds good. When someone follows me, I always check them out but I want to know in a few seconds what they’re about. Yours confused me because I couldn’t easily find out about you. From your about page you could then add links to lead people around your blog if you wanted. Have a look at a few random blogs and see which ones you ‘get’ instantly and which ones you don’t. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff πŸ™‚

  • As soon as I read one of your articles I knew you had what it takes to handle a head line….:)

  • This is some of the worst writing I have ever read. The Anthony Kiedis piece is embarrassing.

  • Just linked your article on the CEO sleep out in a comment on the Guardian webpage. Story is about the SBS “rich folk sleep out” – more poverty porn. Hope you don’t mind. Regards David

  • Harpreet Dhillon

    Good Shit. Keep going!

  • Well I reckon your writing is all over the place.
    I would suggest try focusing on a particular topic and get that trending before moving on to numerous topics.

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