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I like to think my readers can tell the difference between satire and gonzo.

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This list features a few examples of the outlets that have published my work. It does not include articles that are no longer in print,  pieces that were co-written, or work that has been published by outlets that I no longer consider to be ethical.

The Chasers Quarterly

“Introducing The Powerbrag” in print and available soon from The Chaser Shop.

The Shovel

#VanLife: 5 Midnight Pissing Hacks (And The Instagram Filters To Go With Them)

Kim Jong-Un Resigns To Take Up Facebook Group Admin Role: “It’s A Healthier Outlet For My God Complex”

Fairfax Axes 1/4 Editorial Jobs: Promises “Australian Journalasm Wont Suffa”

She Quit Her Job, Now This #GirlBoss Makes $23 a Fortnight

Music Feeds

Papa Roach Talk Fear, Failure And Having The “Worst Band Name” Ever

Album Reviews: Hellions Indian Summer (including all Australian News Limited mastheads)

Dreamland Magazine

Butterfingers at the Zoo: Summer’s hottest show (literally!)

Hack the power back

12 Tips for livin’ that van life

5 Times it’s OK to judge at a bush doof

“Listen to the lyrics, it’s all there” (interview with Rivermouth & Jonathan Sri)


When it comes to commercial writing, I’ve produced so much content that it would be impossible to list every piece or even every client. And, let’s be real, nobody wants to wade through the 14,000 words I’ve written on air conditioners.

I’ve included the following samples merely to show the range of different industries I’ve written for. If a business name is linked this means I’ve written most or all of their copy.

In addition to blogs and landing pages, I also write press releases, LinkedIn profiles, newsletters and more.

If you can think of it, I can write it! Just email me at or call 0468928979 to discuss your needs.

Poco Posy

Financier Capital

Injury & Accident Lawyers

Cover Australia

4 Ways Life Insurance Can Make You a Better Person

14 Reasons Your Life Insurance Application Was Denied

How to Reduce Your Life Insurance Premiums


5 Reasons Your Social Media Addiction Makes You Perfect for Real Estate

Negative Gearing: Everything You Need to Know Minus the Politics

Just Stop! 4 Facebook Marketing Tactics Real Estate Agents Should Abandon!

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Queensland

Abbey Thermalboards

What You Need to Know About Cladding Over Asbestos

Is Aluminium Cladding Safe?

Surface It

Synthetic Grass Is Not Dirty!

How To Lay Artificial Turf

Dreamland Magazine

Popping bushland cherry: The Babylon Festival is born

Winter is coming: Why you need to boogie at Tropical Bloom this July

Collaborations Festival: The Christmas in July you actually want

No regrets: The tale of a virgin EFF adventurer


How to tell if your “Google people” are underperforming

Google election: Major parties are quietly manipulating voter’s search results

Video marketing 101: Amateur uploader to SEO Spielberg in 10 minutes

3 ways your SEO company is killing your business

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