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Get LAID Using These 4 Foolproof Tinder Conversation Starters

When it comes to Tinder (and everything else in this anti-men cultural economy am I right?) women have the upper hand. Males: you may not realise it, but your opening line on Tinder WILL determine whether you’re going to spend the next 3-6 minutes engaged in passionate lovemaking with a complete stranger or trawling #incel ...

Dear Muslims & One Nation Supporters: Racism is NOT Our Biggest Issue

Reprehensible as this language is, for those who want to understand or counter the rise of the far right in Australia, it is not enough to simply dismiss this rhetoric as unacceptable hate speech and blindly hope shunning the speakers will fix the problem.

5 Ways Share Rooming is Pretty Much Like Prison

There are a lot of things I can justify spending $300/week on – hell, I could take up a serious drug addiction with that kind of money – so as you can imagine, renting a single room in Sydney isn’t one of them. Which is why thrifty me opted to share a two bedroom apartment ...

The 17 Guys On Tinder (with evidence)

Yes, there are in fact only 17 types of guys on Tinder – each with their own unique set of frequently off-putting, generally hilarious and sometimes charming qualities. From bare bums and pubes, to ISIS wannabes, to the guy posing beside his nanna whose bio expresses his desire to “turn you inside out and lick ...

5 Times it’s OK To Judge at a Festival

The magic of the outdoor festival lies not just in gathering as a tribe to collectively bust a move to psychedelic tunes you can’t find anywhere else; it’s in the freedom discovered under a gum tree a million miles from the pesky world (with it’s laws and bills and deadlines). Advertisements

12 Tips for Livin’ that Van Life

Whether you’re a road trip virgin with big dreams for your beat up mini van, or you’re a bona fide enthusiast with a garage full of classic VWs to prove it, follow my guide and you’ll avoid the common pitfalls of living that van life: Towing, theft and and terrible sleep, just to name a few! ...

$25 million – Queensland’s Most Expensive Property

One of Queensland’s most expensive homes  has gone on the market with an asking price of a cool $25 million. Advertisements