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Le Palais De Rat: The Cheapest Hostel in Sydney

Outside the strip joints you’ll find slick, stone-faced business men in navy suits and shiny sunglasses brushing past scaly, Kmart-clad sex workers. Duck inside and you’ll see a stream of Sydney’s beautiful (or at least passable) girls and boys writhing and smiling on the laps of frivolous men.

A surplus of crumpled betting slips, free pencils, bad pizzas, scavenged butts, $6.50 Tim Tams and overpriced drinks can all also be found in this proverbial Pleasure Island, but that’s pretty much it.

Kings Cross is not really a tourist destination.
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Existential Crisis at The Transit Centre

It’s a seedy morning at the transit centre. For as long as I can remember Roma Street Transit Centre has had these mirrors all around the escalator, ¬†casting vicious reflective judgement upon you as you make your way, tired and desperate, ¬†up to the inevitable McDonalds lunch that awaits.

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