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We Need to Talk About Kevin

Lionel Shriver’s 2003 thriller novel explores the impact of a high school massacre through the eyes of Eva Khatchadourian, Kevin the killer’s mother. Read more

4 Rookie Errors Every Unorganised Traveler Makes

You, rookie traveller, may be able to skate by carefree and unburdened by the hassles of “organisation” and “responsibility” in your natural environment.

However, once you step foot off that plane, it’s a whole new ball game. Follow my handy guide to keeping a clear distinction between “traveller” and “itinerant, dishevelled individual last spotted wandering train tracks in rural Denmark, waving colourful, seemingly plastic money at passers-by, ranting about the need to find a spare power point”. Read more

7 Tips for Surviving Epic Flights

Plane hijackings, engine failures, dropping out of the sky for no apparent reason… these scenarios are probably not going to unfold on your dreaded international flight. Screaming babies, jerks who don’t understand seat reclining etiquette, and sleeping pill misadventures – these are the things you’ve got to look out for.

Follow my guide to surviving international flights to ensure you and your fellow passengers have a pleasant journey. Read more

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