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The CEO Pikeout: How The Rich & Powerful Do Charity

Spiderman onesies, Adidas tracksuits paired with Cartier watches, tailor-made suits with folded silk pocket squares and shiny brown leather shoes – these, coupled with promotional beanies, are the outfits of choice for the middle-aged men sauntering around the park tonight. Youths in hi-vis wander about with clipboards and flattened cardboard boxes. ’Love Shack’, ‘Two Princes’, ’Beat ...

Hack the Power Back

Written for & originally published in Dreamland Magazine, Edition 2. “You have nowhere to hide. We are everywhere… For the good of your followers, for the good of mankind, for our own enjoyment, we will proceed to expel you from the internet,” Anonymous announced to the Church of Scientology, via YouTube, in 2008. Advertisements

Why Don’t You Just Leave? First Contact Recap

Stray dogs and shirtless kids wander under street light as the team enters Elcho Island. Their car pelted with rocks, Bo-dene announces it’s “the scariest place I’ve been in my life”. The weary travellers are welcomed into Timmy Gudumurrkuwuy’s furniture-free household of seventeen. Well-meaning police officer Trent asks, “Is this, like, your kitchen, dining and ...

10 Simple Errors Every Rookie Writer Makes

So you think you can write, ey? You may have some natural ability, but unrefined talent will only get you so far. Like most skills, writing well requires practice, and it only takes a few slips in tense, a single sentence fragment, or a meandering introduction to make a reader file your content in the ...

Psytrance @ the Hifi? Vibesquad & Spoonbill School Brisbane

 Saturday’s much anticipated Vibesquad and Spoonbill gig was, well, as good as any gig at the perpetually overrated Hifi will get. Advertisements

Confusion Reigns at Coniston Lane

Last night’s ENEI/KASRA/MEFJUS gig at Coniston Lane was an intriguing conglomeration of Brisbane’s D ‘n’ B scenes. Hosted by Timmy P MC from New Zealand’s Breaking Beats crew, the evening saw the unusual convergence of tatted up gangster rap fans and Coniston Lane’s regular tripper crowd.  Advertisements

Sleep Paralysis: The History and The Mystery

There are bad dreams, then there are nightmares. Advertisements