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​2017 Federal Budget Success: Wealthy Addicts Reform En Masse, Swap Heroin for Yoga

A series of well-thought-out welfare reforms in the 2017 Federal Budget has triggered a wave of repentance amongst heroin users now motivated to kick the habit once and for all. “Sure, doctors have told me if I stop taking heroin I will die but if I stop getting welfare I can’t afford to live. So, ...

Groundbreaking Study Confirms Property Developers Aren’t Evil, Just Dumb

Scientists have found that property developer’s complete lack of formal education - not the unbridled greed of this handful of real-life Scrooge McDucks - is to blame for the thousands of ill-conceived property developments cropping up around Australia.

Media CEOs Sacrifice Editorial Jobs for Horcruxes: Gain Immortality, Lose Souls

A leak from the boardroom of Fairfax Media has revealed that beleaguered CEO Greg Hywood was granted a $2.5 million share bonus last year for cosmetic surgery to restore his human appearance following the successful creation of a series of horcruxes.

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Do You Even #Entrepreneur? A Beginner’s Guide to Flaunting Your Success

Are you a #Entrepreneur, struggling to get the brand recognition you and your fledgeling startup (which is definitely somehow more prestigious than a regular “small business”) deserve? Do you like awake at night, wondering how many more eBooks you’ll have to get some guy in the Philippines to write before you’re finally recognised as the ...

Rapists, Tomatoes & The Importance of Booking Ahead

“This, uh, isn’t really a town. I don’t know… I don’t live here.” he added, looking up from the computer and handing me my room key.

I’m Going to See Who’s Following Me.

Adenture: It’s the feeling of driving out of a place you’ve never been to before, towards a destination you haven’t decided on yet. It’s having no one to see and no particular time to be wherever it is your going – you’re just down for whatever. That’s the feeling, and it’s good. Intoxicatingly good… especially ...

They Don’t Want to Know You in Salt Lake City

No one will go hungry in Salt Lake City, yet this opulent city has missed the mark on a much more troubling level...