Dear Muslims & One Nation Supporters: Racism is NOT Our Biggest Issue

Pauline Hanson supporters: Who are they? Where did they come from? What on earth is going on in their heads?

One Nation’s recently acquired four seats in the Senate, and this remains a political enigma that progressive Australia simply cannot wrap its mind around.

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Do You Even #Entrepreneur? A Beginner’s Guide to Flaunting Your Success

entrepreneur startup

Are you a #Entrepreneur, struggling to get the brand recognition you and your fledgeling startup (which is definitely somehow more prestigious than a regular “small business”) deserve?

Do you like awake at night, wondering how many more eBooks you’ll have to get some guy in the Philippines to write before you’re finally recognised as the #ThoughtLeader you truly are?

Is it about time that you swapped Tinder for

If you answered yes to these questions, this is the article for you! Fasten your pocket squares and hold onto your copy of GQ, because you’re about to find out how the real #Entrepreneurs do it, in just three easy steps!

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Earth Frequency 2017

Did your cortisol rise when you saw this? Did your dopamine/serotonin/oxytocin begin to flow freely?

If my work has elicited some sort of emotion within you, please help support my creative endeavours. You can do this by:

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Rapists, Tomatoes & The Importance of Booking Ahead

Las Vegas had set my plans back by two days, and I desperately needed to make up time if I was going to hit Seattle*.

The plan was to drop Chris and Corey back into Simi Valley, then take the first highway north. I’d stay at a cheap motel when I got sick of driving then head to San Francisco the next day.

At 1am I pulled off the highway at Atascadero, only to get straight back on again when I discovered it was 150 for a night in the Motel 6.

By 2am, I couldn’t rely on The Eels and wound down windows to stay awake, so I detoured east to get a $57 room in Fresno County

“Fresno” and “Coalinga” did ring a prisony, bikerish, gangland sort of bell. But, after several turns from the highway I was travelling away from neighbourhoods and onto empty desert roads.

There was no one around, and that made me feel safe (in the beginning).

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5 Ways Share Rooming is Pretty Much Like Prison

There are a lot of things I can justify spending $300/week on – hell, I could take up a serious drug addiction with that kind of money – so as you can imagine, renting a single room in Sydney isn’t one of them.

Which is why thrifty me opted to share a two bedroom apartment with nine other people in what is commonly referred to around these parts as a share-room-house(?).What have I learned from this bargain basement experience so far? Well I’ve never been to prison, but here are five reasons I imagine it’s a lot like this place:

I’m Going to See Who’s Following Me.

Adventure: It’s the feeling of driving out of a place you’ve never been to before, towards a destination you haven’t decided on yet. It’s having no one to see and no particular time to be wherever it is your going – you’re just down for whatever. That’s the feeling, and it’s good. Intoxicatingly good… especially when you’re alone. 
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